We are able to deliver in all grades of material


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CNC & automatic turning & milling

Through the years Folmer Svendsen A/S has done great efforts to offer various supply chain services, which reduce cost in our customers’ supply chain, of course without compromising on quality.

More than 95% of the cast and drop forged items delivered by Folmer Svendsen A/S are including following machining according to customer requirements. In addition, we also provide a wide spectrum of turned and milled parts from rod, tube, profile or block. The parts are produced on advanced CNC milling centres and turning machines, either CNC or multispindle depending on the task.


All materials and sizes.

We provide turned parts in sizes from a few millimeters in diameter to more robust sizes of structures and items. Focusing on quality, we have built up a network of partners so varied, enabling us to deliver in almost every conceivable material: from materials with very good workability such as brass, cutting steel, but also more demanding materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, even inconel and titanium.

Varying batch sizes and complexity.

Folmer Svendsen A/S takes care of production from simple parts in large volumes to very complex parts. Depending on part size and complexity, we handle batch sizes from single part production to millions of each.


We finish the job.

We are happy to deliver items with heat treating, annealing or hardening and surface treatment. Finally, we offer assembling of the machined parts. Everything, of course, at competitive prices.