We are able to deliver in all grades of material


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Casting are one of our specialities

We can deliver castings from a variety of grades of material and for almost any application. We have cooperation with a wide network of highly skilled foundries mainly in Eastern Europe, but also in Asia.

All foundries have undergone our inspection and audit programme to obtain approval by Folmer Svendsen.

Delivery program

We can deliver castings from different kinds of technologies all grades of material and basically for any industrial application. Weight span from a few grams upto several tons.

Our casting delivery program consists of all major casting technologies:

-    Sand castings (fully automatic moulding lines and hand moulding)
-    Chill moulding
-    Lost wax castings (precision castings)
-    Pressure die castings
-    Gravity castings
-    Continuous castings

We deliver castings from grey iron, nodular iron, steel, stainless steel, bronze and aluminum. We have our own foundry engineers to support and develope new projects and follow-up on existing projects.

All materials can per request be delivered with certificates.

Folmer Svendsen is able to deliver either raw castings, semi –and fully finished machined castings including aftertreatment as priming, coating etc.