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Supplier for machine industry

Since the company was founded in 1968, one of the most important guiding principles at Folmer Svendsen A/S has been to supply the highest quality metal parts to our customers. For nearly 50 years we have supplied metal parts to quality-conscious industrial companies all over Europe.

Our main scope is to supply forgings, but the scope has been widened to also supplying various castings, machined parts manufactured from bar and profile as well as welded constructions with machining.

Well-developed supplier network

Our supply chain network is wide, large and agile. It allows us to be able to offer a variety of metal parts in different scopes. More than 95% of the parts we supply to our customers are fully machined parts ready for assembly.

All of our suppliers are inspected, audited and approved by us. As a minimum we require our suppliers to be certified according ISO 9001:2008. Many of our suppliers moreover are working in compliance to TS 16949 and are granted certification according to that.

In 2012 Folmer Svendsen A/S were also granted certification according to ISO 9001:2008 by Bureau Veritas.

By extension, some of Folmer Svendsen's employees were subsequently trained as Lead auditors so that the supplier portfolios regularly are audited.
On a daily basis we work with PPAP-documentation, LEAN supply setup and 8D-reports.

Moreover, since 1995 we have our own Branch Office in Poland following up on suppliers and quality in Central - and Eastern Europe.

With our capabilities within strategic sourcing we can supply metal parts in great variety and complexability, ensuring the best possible match with requirements at the optimal cost.